Love to travel? Are you fond of gambling? Then Austria is the best choice for you. This country will surprise you with picturesque landscapes, unusual culture, majestic sights. Also here are some of the most famous gambling houses in Europe, which will not leave indifferent any gambler. The country has 12 casinos. Some are working, others are closed at the moment. Visitors can try their luck in such games: blackjack, roulette, poker. There are also slot machines with a progressive jackpot. If the best online casino bonus isn’t new to you, it’s time to take a trip to real casinos.

Casino in Grand Hotel de l’Europe

In bad Gastein there is a large casino, which is open every day from 7 PM. This is one of the best casinos in this country. If you want to spend time with pleasure and try to win some money, we advise you to opt for this game institution. The casino is located inside the historic Grand Hotel de l’europe, the construction of which dates from the beginning of the last century. The casino has been operating since 1984 and has a fairly spacious hall.

This is the place where everyone can find entertainment to your taste. Visitors already at the entrance expect bonuses in the form of free chips in the amount of 25 euros. Also offer to drink sparkling wine at the expense of the institution. If you are a beginner and do not quite understand how to play, the dealer will certainly clarify the points of interest. Sometimes casinos hold different kinds of events. Poker tournaments, concerts, sales competitions or a prize. The calendar indicates the exact date of each event. The management took care of the visitors who have their own cars. In the garage APCOA Garage near the institution there is a possibility to Park. Everything is protected, so the player does not have to worry about the safety of personal transport. You don’t need to pay for the place. The casino requires a certain dress code, so dress decently. Entrance fee. You also need to present a passport or other document confirming your identity. The document should have a photo. The casino admits that you may not have the right clothes and offers to take a jacket for a while. Also you can go to “casino Jackpot”.

Vintage gambling house in Velden.

I can’t help but mention the casino in Velden. Now it does not accept visitors, but still it is necessary to tell a little about it. Felden was known among tourists as a chic resort. Clean air, warm climate, beautiful beach revitalize the body and cleanse the soul. If you are traveling with children, there will be no problem. They are provided entertainment. This Olympic games for children and excursions in the Park of Rosegg, and marionette theater. Adults will also find something to do. For those who play sports and keep fit, there is a football field, tennis court, bike paths. Fans of gambling can visit the casino. The gambling house was founded in the mid-twentieth century. Then it was the fifth among all existing institutions. The old building barely placed the influx of tourists. The management realized that gambling is becoming more popular. Then they began to build a new building, which occupied a large area and could take 4 thousand people. The visitor could not only play at the table, but also something to eat or drink. If you are tired of sitting in the hall, and you want to get some fresh air, you can go to the terrace. There, too, are gaming tables.

Why should you go to Austria?

Austria is a beautiful country, a worthy part of Europe. To visit Austria means to get acquainted with the unique architecture, to see the beauty and mystery of Europe, to feel the order of an intelligent society. Casinos Austria is not the same zakulisnye the clubs in addition to gambling, booze, shows, prostitutes. Austrian casinos are classic and well-seasoned. The casino of Vienna makes a special impression. To learn more about the gambling business of the Austrian capital right now, click the button below.

If you do not plan to travel, you can play online. It’s just as interesting. But the high level of service not available in all gambling houses online. We recommend you to try Indeed, the European service and the best bonuses. In Austria, by the way, online casinos are also allowed. They bring a good profit to the state, so the government sees no reason to ban this business.